Offline play for Diablo 3 on Sony’s next-gen and PS3 console

There’s no doubting Diablo 3 is a successful game on the PC, so it comes as no surprise Activision Blizzard intend to bring it to the PS4 and current PlayStation 3. News that both console versions will not require constant internet connection to play the local multiplayer is ideal for four players to experience Diablo 3 on one screen.

According to Blizzard production director John Hight there will be no split-screen just a camera that zooms in an out accordingly. In an article on Joystiq, they document some of the changes for the console versions and show a video of the new enhancements, in which Hight reveals the new evasion ability that allows players to flee from massive encounters.

In addition, a different UI will be experienced on the PS3 and 4, and the game will feature all major PC updates. While many PC gamers are not overly impressed with their beloved Diablo 3 making its way to the consoles its worth considering how popular it is, and how console gamers will relish this opportunity.

In relation to the above information, this could have inadvertently let us in on more facts about the PS4 considering we were under the impression Sony’s next-gen will not allow users to play offline, but going by Diablo 3 on the PS4, offline gaming seems accessible. Do you feel Diablo 3 will have continued success on the console?

  • Decimationn

    This is sad. Offline play for the console, but no offline play for the PC? Lol.