GTA 5 to help Watch Dogs freshness

The upcoming action-adventure game known as Watch Dogs intends to benefit from the likes of GTA 5 and bring a new freshness to the open world styled games like Grand Theft Auto. Watch Dogs revolves around the player’s ability to hack into different electronic systems, not only to gain information but to also set devices to destruct at certain times.

While gamers wait patiently for more news on this game we now know about the Grand Theft Auto 5 release date, yet all we know about Watch Dogs is that it is expected towards the end of the year. In relation to the open world aspect, CVG highlight how this title is in a prime position to compete with the likes of GTA 5, and Ubisoft hopes to bring a fresh encounter when it comes to open world games.

According to comments by Ubisoft’s executive director for EMEA territories, Alain Coore says the company intend to “crack a new genre for the publisher” in reaction to the open-world genre of GTA games. The fans love of GTA titles is one worth investigating, especially if you are high up in the video game industry as there’s plenty of excitement for the next instalment, so we can see how titles like this would have an influential effect on publishers and developers alike.

Currently in development for both next-gen consoles, Watch Dogs looks set to take some inspiration from GTA 5, and there is talk about making the game compatible with the current PS3 and Xbox 360 systems, as well as a Wii U version.

This new IP could be a surprise package especially for loyal fans of GTA games, as Watch Dogs sounds like an interesting and fresh approach to open-world titles. Has Watch Dogs diverted your attention away from GTA 5? Or do you think both these titles will be successful in their own right?