Absence of CD support for PlayStation 4

According to recent reports we are now under the impression that Sony’s PlayStation 4 console will not support CDs with their upcoming next-gen system in the same way as the PS3. News of this has come via a Japanese journalist who was apparently informed of Sony’s decision by the company themselves.

While we are still in two minds whether to believe this, we understand that technology has moved on from physical data, although we are still a bit miffed about the reasoning behind this decision. This news has recently been discussed by gamers over on Kotaku, and some interesting comments give us cause to question whether CDs really are becoming a thing of the past.

As far as audio CDs are concerned I still buy the odd album, mainly because I’m old fashioned like that. There is a relaxing enjoyment from owning a physical copy and just running through the tracks or other information while listening to music.

The reason I mention this is because I feel games like FIFA have appalling soundtracks and this has caused me to put in an audio CD of my choice to use as my own customized soundtrack. I know there are other ways to get your favourite music but like I said before I’m old fashioned like that.

The hardware is there as well as the processing power, so many gamers can’t see why this hasn’t been entertained, with some suggesting it is better to have and not need, than need and not have.

Many music fans still prefer physical media and there is an option to play and customize them with the PS3, although others understand that we are now seeing a shift from physical to digital media, and music seems to be the most affected by this. With less people buying CD nowadays we still find the lack of CD support odd, and adding to news that the new console won’t play PS1, PS2 or PS3 games, we can see how plenty of those initially excited about the next-gen system, are now not so enthusiastic.

We understand that audio CDs are slowly fading out, but there are still people who buy them, even if they are in a minority. While we are still regarding this as a rumour from an unnamed journalist, if there is any truth behind this we wonder what will be axed next, DVDs?