New look PS4 user interface screens

Since the latest PS4 announcement we expected the news to revolve around the facts we have been presented with, along with a few exaggerated rumours to attract more discussions, but it seems more information is continuing to be revealed about the next-gen console.

Sony has been busy giving viewers information on the specs, social media and their focus on home entertainment, and now they have released official high-res screenshots of the graphical user interface. The screens can be seen on Gematsu showing game pages, live streaming, profiles and more.

In addition, some images show how this will be seen from other devices such as mobiles and tablets. Everything from gameplay streaming and video trimming to friend feed and the homepage have been revealed, and from what we can see the PlayStation 4 interface looks easy to use and nicely organized.

Some may say it looks very similar to the new PS Store, so many gamers expect this to be much quicker and easily accessible. The new PS Store and this interface look so much alike there have been questions about whether it was upgraded to make the transition over to the PS4 practically seamless.

While there has been a mixed response about things like the user profiles and immature images being used as avatars, many gamers are worried whether Sony will start putting in adverts. Others question why the screen on this and the new PS Store seem to be more about showing pictures as opposed to actual information, although we feel that it has to be experienced before we can give our own perspective.

Do you like the look of the PS4 user interface? Or maybe you prefer something similar to the old PS Store.