The Last of Us trailer showcases infected enemies

A new trailer of The Last of Us has given us the opportunity to see the infected enemies involved within this highly anticipated game. This is a prominent part of Naughty Dog’s upcoming title and we have been waiting patiently to see more about the fungal infection that has become a plague forcing the survivors to act like savages.

In recent months news on the game has revolved around the survivors including the main protagonists, and in no uncertain terms the emphasis has been on how dangerous the uninfected really are. In an article on VG24/7, they highlight this recent trailer, The Last of Us gameplay involved and the inspiration behind it.

According to creative director Neil Druckman the idea of the infected came from Planet Earth, a BBC documentary which looks into the dangers and possibility of fungus spreading into humans. With the fellow survivors imposing dangerous situations on both Joel and Ellie the infected will be the main threat.

The sonar clicking noise the infected make is rather eerie and this is used as a detector for players in dark environments. We now know The Last of Us release date has been delayed for a month and we hope during this time we will get to see some more gameplay trailers to sustain the excitement.

To see the infected enemies check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts on how The Last of Us seems to be progressing.