PS4 vs. Xbox 720 launch games debated

Since the recent PlayStation meeting, questions have been asked about what will come from the upcoming next-gen Xbox announcement, and what Microsoft needs to do to overcome the impressive PS4 details that have come to light. Games will definitely have prominence when it comes to which console is more attractive and exclusives could make all the difference.

We are under the impression Microsoft will try to promote things like the Kinect feature and Smartglass, as well as Xbox LIVE and other entertainment related features, but we are intrigued as to whether they have been listening to requests from hardcore gamers in relation to exclusives.

It seems Microsoft has the rights to plenty of potential releases, and exclusive games could make all the difference, as opposed to paying too much attention to the areas that are not widely desirable. The likes of Banjo Kazooie 3, Fable 4, Conkers Bad Fur Day 2 and the Halo 2 HD remake could be attractive titles to accompany the Xbox 720 according to one gamer, but we feel more brand new IPs would be the best way to show the competition they mean business.

In addition, Microsoft will gain a lot of attention by showing off their new hardware, as well as a game or series that will accumulate plenty of interest like Halo has for the current system. While many gamers agree that more IPs will make all the difference, the aforementioned titles are not enough at the moment to sway interest, so we are hoping more games will be revealed once they announce the actual console.

Do you feel Microsoft needs to concentrate on what hardcore gamers are asking from the start or risk losing potential customers to the PS4? Maybe you are reserving judgement until you see what Microsoft has to offer.

  • Poopmastermaker

    Conkers bad fur day !!!!


    I would love to see another game of Conker. It is one of the best games ever. I don’t know why they don’t see the potential in another game.