Star Wars Episode 7 cast to include Carrie Fisher

When it comes to who will be involved in the Star Wars Episode 7 cast, we understand that the next film is set to bring back Carrie Fisher to reprise her role as Princess Leia. Therefore, we are intrigued to know if she will be donning those iconic bagel buns, and whether she will have a big part to play in the next film.

Plenty of questions are bound to be unanswered just yet, although we hope her onscreen husband Harrison Ford will come back picking up the role of Han Solo. At the beginning of the year we mentioned how J.J. Abrams will be the director of the next Star Wars film and fans of both will be pleased to know that this is so.

Even George Lucas himself is happy to see the legacy in the hands of such talent, and his background of being a great filmmaker and storyteller will be welcomed by many who felt the prequels lacked the story required. In fact, Star Wars Episode 7 is probably more highly anticipated by fans that have been expecting this film since The Return of the Jedi, some thirty years ago.

Returning to the original topic, from emerging rumours it seems like the return of Princess Leia at the moment, as a big fan of the original three films I wonder if Mark Hamill will come back as Luke, along with the likes of Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2 and Lando Calrissian with the addition of Anakin, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda as holograms. Maybe the camp Jar Jar Binks will come back after what would be classed as an absence of 3 movies.

Other rumours suggest that certain characters could eventually have their own TV series, and even though plenty of Star Wars fans will embrace a series involving the adventures of a young Han Solo or Lando Calrissian, would this be be milking the franchise?

While speculation surrounds the possibility of Harrison Ford reprising his role have been conflicting, it seems that Carrie Fisher has confirmed her comeback in an interview with Palm Beach Illustrated, although some fans wonder whether this was just a teasing comment even if it was an unquestionable answer of yes when asked directly.

With a jokey attitude from Fisher it seems hard to prise any revealing things about the next film, as fans want to know more about the Star Wars Episode 7 cast, plot and trailer, because the next set of movies are not expected to hit the big screen until 2015. Whatever negatives are being said about more Star Wars films or whether the franchise is being milked, we can assure you as loyal fans we would not steep so low.

We hope Carrie Fisher’s confirmation will bring out more familiar faces soon, so who would you like to see return in Episode 7? Bearing in mind Stars Wars is a world where Jedi’s can return as holograms to communicate, maybe you would like to see a similar thing with those from the dark side.