The Last of Us demo release date gains insight and DRM

Gamers who have already received early copies of God of War: Ascension intending to try out The Last of Us demo release may have to wait until April to experience this, although we are being told the demo will only be available if you are online. As The Last of Us demo release date obtains Digital Rights Management, those playing God of War will be able to access the demo through the menu.

While Ascension also features an online pass, those who are not will not have the option, as users online will be able to play The Last of Us demo with the opportunity to push square on the Ascension menu, in which a TOS agreement and countdown page can be seen.

The Last of Us demo release date is on the 17th of April and news of this is documented on Premier Gaming Network, although they do remark about the brochure that Sony bundled, as it contains the old release date for this eagerly awaited game.

With that in mind, there is a chance that this will change with an update, so we are keeping our eye on any news concerning what will be involved in the demo, and whether this will be a multiplayer version. While some gamers question why a demo requires a DRM, many feel there is a good chance this will be a multiplayer demo.

Either way, we are excited to see The Last of Us in action, but we would love to see more of the single-player aspect. What would you prefer?