Xbox 720 hype building towards release date

As Microsoft continue to conceal much demanded information about their upcoming console even the developers and publishers have experienced a Fight Club scenario, where the first rule is to not even mention the new Xbox 720, let alone admit it actually exists. This causes more intrigue, especially since Sony has let out some of their most valued secrets, but now the focus is on Microsoft and the hype building towards a release date.

Among all the secrecy it seems that about three major publishers have highlighted the Xbox 720 as one of the consoles their upcoming games will be available on. Questions have been asked about whether Microsoft authorised unofficial references of games being released on their next-gen system and this has been discussed on the Handy Tips website.

This could be accidental, but it just adds to the hype surrounding an Xbox 720 release date and whether this will come before or after the PS4. Expectation has been high in regards to an earlier Xbox 720 release in comparison to Sony’s new console, and this seems to be more apparent when it comes to a reveal from both companies.

According to Sony CEO Kaz Hirai, there is no urgency to do this first when the competition can digest your specs and try to come up with something better, so the PlayStation meeting must have come as a surprise to many, including Microsoft.

This has given many third-party publishers the opportunity to openly reveal their games for the Sony console and add more hype with preferential media coverage for the PS4, therefore we expect this to even out once Microsoft unveil their next-generation console. Do you think Microsoft authorised unofficial references of games on the Xbox 720 to accumulate hype without revealing anything?

  • dp121

    xbox guna blow the roof off ps4

  • xjyamaha

    As long as the Xbox uses blu-ray media then i’m sold. If they insists on continuing with the limited HDDVDs then i’m switching to a PS4.