God of War: Ascension review from multiple perspectives

Next week will see the arrival of God of War: Ascension and we thought it would be a good idea to look at what is being said about the upcoming game with reviews from multiple perspectives.

According to some, this outing will show a more human side to Kratos with more facts being divulged about circumstances before the first God of War. In an extensive review by Gamer Fuzion they award Ascension with an impressive rating of 8.5 out of 10 regarding it as a fluid experience with online modes being a welcome addition, and they feel the loyal fans of the franchise will find this an enjoyable outing.

The Toronto Sun view Ascension as a fun game, although they were expecting something new offering 3.5 stars, as the familiarity of the series seems to be wearing a bit thin. The online multiplayer mode does bring something fresh to the franchise, but this was not entirely necessary. Overall they feel the series is starting to run out of ideas, therefore a decent break would be ideal for Kratos and company, and a well-deserved rest is now in order.

From the perspective of Gaming Trend, they highlight the pros and cons and they loved the graphical presentation, along with the fast-moving and intriguing storyline. Satisfying signature kills and a big reduction in QuickTime events were other positives mentioned. On the downside, there are some extremely hard sections and occasion strange sounds, and in some circumstances the camera can get stuck behind obstacles during signature kills.

Generally they welcomed the multiplayer aspect and awarded God of War: Ascension with a very decent score of 90. Gamespot UK enjoyed the combat side of the game and remark on the stunning visuals, although they preferred an angrier version of Kratos. They were not overly impressed by the multiplayer and feel this lacks originality, but their overall score of 8 shows they found Ascension an enjoyable experience.

In other related news, we recently spoke about Famitsu magazine mentioning the length of the game, and their view that it can be completed in 8 hours has set a goal for gamers to challenge.

We were originally under the impression that it will take around 10 to 12 hours to finish, but this estimation of 8 hours has set a game length goal for many gamers. Will this prompt you to try and finish God of War: Ascension in a certain amount of time? Or will you take a more relaxed approach to feel the benefit of the game?