Analysts on PS4 specs vs. Xbox 720 predicted sales

Last month’s reveal event by Sony gave the gaming industry plenty to contemplate and impressed many. and as we wait to hear what Microsoft has planned, we thought it would be good idea to see what analysts are saying in relation to the PS4 specs and Xbox 720 predicted sales. Avalanche Studios CTO predicts PS4 specs to deliver most power, which we have seen detailed specs from the recent event.

According to Avalanche Studios CTO, Linus Blomberg, he feels this is the right time to have a new console cycle considering the competition with mobile gaming is becoming more prominent, as well as competing with PCs which have overtaken consoles drastically as far as performance is concerned.

The desperate need for new consoles is highlighted on Gaming Bolt, in which they discuss the rise in mobile gaming as well as how far PC performance has come on during the time the existing consoles have been around. Blomberg highlights great things for the PS4 and the business model which will allow this console to open up new opportunities.

He mentions how the PlayStation 4 will be a very powerful gaming system when it comes to hardware, along with talk about it being a social tool and integrated marketplace like the successful mobile platform. Sony will be able to continue making incremental improvements and this will be paramount for the lifecycle of the console.

With this in mind, another leading analyst Michael Pachter gives us the impression the next Xbox will come out on top in the battle of the next-gen consoles. Many gamers are reluctant to put too much trust in Pachter, although his comments do bring up some interesting debates.

Pachter from Wedbush Securities claims the Xbox 720 will be a superior console and this is down to strong social features and a TV tuner, questioning whether Sony’s Gaikai system will be enough to put the PS4 in a higher position.

His stance over the prediction of the new Xbox winning the next-generation console war can be seen on this Twitter page. Therefore, while we contemplate his thoughts, we can guarantee there are many who do not agree with him, so what do you think about his comments putting the Xbox 720 in front of the PS4?

  • guest1234567

    this article didn’t really say anything

    • Unknown

      @guest1234567 It said it was a load of crap by just reading the title..

  • anon

    people buying a console for the sake of using it for a netflix box is not a successful sale, considering that a huge chunk of sales come from software. microsoft has more than hinted that they are trying to use the xbox name to be just that, an entertainment center, while sony has continued to say and prove that they want their console to be a game console first and foremost. while they have netflix and whatnot, it’s pushed to the side with the games right in the center. xbox has moved games to the side in favour of everything else.
    the wii turned into a netflix box at the end of its lifespan, and you can definitely see it in its software vs hardware sales, and even hardcore nintendo fans will sheepishly admit that that’s what their wii turned into. and look at the wii u, it’s not selling for shit compared to the wii, it’s back to the n64/gcn days for nintendo.
    do i think xbox will sell plenty? sure, it always does, but if the games aren’t being bought for shit, then that’s a strong indicator towards people ditching it. then again, i don’t understand hardcore xbox fans because microsoft doesn’t give half a shit about them