GTA 5: PS4 release possibility splits opinions

While many Grand Theft Auto fans are still a bit down over the delay of the GTA 5 release date on the PS3, when you consider the estimated $138m development cost, it’s worth contemplating whether they will eventually launch GTA 5 on the PS4.

According to industry analyst Michael Pachter, the likelihood of gamers being able to experience GTA 5 on PS4 is one that could be apparent, although there is not much chance of this coming at the launch of the next-gen console. In an article on CVG, they talk about the various ways this upcoming console could improve the experience of GTA 5, even though they do mention the game hasn’t been confirmed on the PS4 yet.

While we feel that both Sony and Microsoft will welcome a game like GTA 5 on their new systems, the PS4, Xbox 720 and PC would be ideal platforms to develop this game, while the wait for GTA IV on the PC could be apparent with GTA 5 releasing on the aforementioned platforms sometime after its initial release.

The delayed release has amounted in plenty of discussions about next-gen development although we are still waiting for some official news on this. Looking at different ways the PS4 could transform this upcoming title, it seems that the reward for this could be massive including the addition of DLC.

CVG show some insightful videos on their site which highlight the advantages of GTA 5 on the PS4 in 1080p at 60FPS, as well as the draw distance, the share button, the PS4 touch pad, the motion control and light bar and the convenience of no loading times. Another thing is the opportunity to link up with the PS Vita with cross-platform play and how much easier the online and multiplayer features will work.

When you consider the advantages of GTA 5 on the PS4 as well as PC and Xbox 720, you can’t help think how dominant this game would be on all platforms, so are you excited about the possibility of a GTA 5 release date for the PS4? Or do you think we will have to wait for another 6 months or so like we did with the PC version of GTA IV?

  • Somebody

    Garbage no substance article. Thanks for wasting my time.


    Of course it will be released on the next gen consoles! You don’t honestly think that the graphics from some of the images and trailers are from current gen machines do you?!
    They want everyone to buy a copy for current gen, then once the next gen is launched the adverts will be on the TV for the next gen versions which will obviously be much better. In essence, everyone will end up buying 2 copies of the game. The worst marketing stunt in the history of marketing stunts and some of us little people have finally opened our eyes to it. Disgraceful R*, simply disgraceful!


    Sorry, the point? They aren’t giving gamers the chance to play the current gen version to death, so they will NEED to buy their 720 or PS4 versions a few weeks later.
    Pure greed!

  • Kev

    my initial thought is GTA5 will be on PS3 and Xbox, then the downloadable will come out around December & February. Then in around April it will come out on both PS4 and the new Xbox with the DC included, at the same time Rockstar will release the DC as a disk (like they did with Liberty City stories etc)

  • Unknown

    Not many people will have PS4’s and Xbox 720’s when it comes out.. to the anaylsts and people say it will, you need to get your head out of your arse and look around the earth at the economic times..


      Still, wouldnt you rather wait the extra few weeks to have a proper version of the game? Save up for your next gen console now and you will be more than happy to have it running maxed out as it’s meant to be. Why waste your money on this game twice you simpleton?! This is all about R* greed.

  • The Man Jackson

    I doubt that we’ll see GTA 5 as a next-gen release. They didn’t do the same for San Andreas when the 360 and PS3 were launched. And even now we can only play ported versions from the old consoles. So should we see GTA 5 on PS4 or 720, all these so-called benefits would not exist. Instead we’d be hundreds out of pocket and still playing a 360/PS3 game, oh but with a shiny new pad.
    Is every decent game that comes out over the next 6 months going to be released again on the next Gen of consoles? My guess is the first few months of games will be gimicky tat like table tennis and dance/movement games that show off the technology more that the technical capabilities. The annual franchises will be first to release anything decent, FIFA and PES, any EA sports game really.
    Rockstar have used 3 ‘GTA universes’ so far that only last as long as that generation of consoles and never intersect in timeline or story. The 2D universe we saw on PS1, then the first 3D one which ran from GTA 3 to San Andreas (PS2 and XBox). And now we have the 3rd universe which encompasses Liberty City and the up-coming Los Santos (360 & PS3).
    When GTA does come out on PS4 and 720, surely it will be in an all new ‘GTA universe’ completely separate from Nico, Johnny, etc. My bet is we see Saints Row 5 on next-gen before we see a next-gen GTA.