The Hangover 3 trailer infuriates minority

A recent trailer of The Hangover 3 shows this is the concluding part to the trilogy and although the previous films have accumulated plenty of fans, it seems that the scene with the giraffe has infuriated the minority, while the majority find it just good fun. The Hangover part two infuriated animal rights activists when the monkey from the film was dressed up and paraded at the premiere.

In addition, director Todd Phillips also caused some controversy when he made a joke about monkeys getting addicted to cigarettes whilst filming. The latest instalment in the series shows a pattern is starting to form in his quest for humorous encounters and a slapstick scene where a giraffe becomes decapitated by a low bridge a has brought up more debates.

An article on Gothamist highlights concerns by PETA in regards to the part where Zach Galifianakis is towing a giraffe down a highway, unaware of the low bridge, which has got the attention of animal rights authorities.

It seems that Todd Phillips is starting to get it in the neck (excusing the pun); although from what has been shown in the trailer his aim is to bring fans more of the familiar fun found in the previous films. This scene has amounted to a PETA spokesperson coming forward and asking whether the giraffe used in the film is computer generated instead of an actual animal, because Todd Phillips is known for using wild animals in his films.

For those who don’t know much about giraffes, they are very delicate animals who are easily stressed, and we understand a giraffe used in Zookeeper perished during production. If this is the case, we are sure these sort of things a brought to attention prior to filming, and we hope no animals were harmed or distressed throughout the making of this movie.

On a lighter note, fans of the last two films will be pleased to see the Wolfpack returning to Vegas, and many are intrigued to know if Iron Mike Tyson will be coming back. Reactions to the Giraffe scene question what is seen in the trailer considering we see the Giraffe but we don’t see it near or making any contact with the overpass.

For those of you who want to see what’s in stall for the Wolfpack we have embedded the official teaser trailer below for our readers to watch and voice their opinions on the Giraffe scene in question. Alternatively, let us know whether you feel these films are just delivering the same old humour.