Samsung Galaxy S3 revamp to follow S4 launch event

As all eyes will be on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event, we understand that a Galaxy S3 revamp is set to follow this, as the S3 refresh means more upgrades to things like wireless charging, a 2,400 mAh battery and a better display.

Of course the Samsung Galaxy S4 live launch event will be more prominent in the news, considering tomorrows event will be unveiling the Galaxy S4 handset for the first time, although it seems Samsung will also have other devices lined up and this Galaxy S3 refresh is highlighted on the Underwired View website.

It is good to see Samsung’s intentions to breathe new life into their current device and improvements similar to this have been done in the past with models like the original Galaxy S, which shows they are aware of continued enhancements needed to evolve their products.

Most of the details regarding the revamped Galaxy S3 have come from Russian journalist Eldar Murtazin, known for leaking things like this, and the trust in the information comes from previously leaked accurate details about the Galaxy S IV unveiling prior to the announcement from Samsung.

When we hear news of a “better screen” this seems a bit vague, as this could be something to do with a higher-resolution panel, although the wireless charging and improved battery capacity is self-explanatory, therefore we are intrigued to know what else may be in store.

The Galaxy S4 smartphone will be unveiled at a launch event in Times Square tomorrow and we will be looking online for useful information on this device, so stay tuned to see if any new details come to light. Returning to the original topic, are you interested in the Samsung Galaxy S3 revamp which follows S4 launch event?