Star Wars Episode 7: An older Luke Skywalker

If you look through images of Star Wars Episode 7 you will see some mock up pictures of what the actual posters could look like, and in some cases you will find so-called unconfirmed cast members, as well as images of Mark Hamill making his return as an older Jedi Master. We are unsure whether he will be reprising his role or whether the story will continue without him, but it is worth contemplating an appearance in the next film.

While many Star Wars fans would love to see him in episode 7, others would also like to see him succumb to the Dark Side finding the transition inevitable. In an article on Yahoo, one Star Wars fan has drawn a picture of the Jedi 30 years on, giving us a glimpse of what he could look like in the film.

The artist’s impression has given fans food for thought and questions will be asked about other actors reprising their roles, although we understand that some may be sceptical about certain cast members returning.

Actors like Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill have not braced the big budget cinema since The Return of the Jedi, around 30 years ago, and their acting skills were questioned back then, although Harrison Ford has shown his worth breaking away from the fan favourite, Han Solo. Speculation surrounds these cast members playing supporting roles to their on screen children, although we are unsure if there is any truth to this, or whether fans like this idea.

Last week we spoke about the Star Wars Episode 7 cast to include Carrie Fisher, according to a question and answer session with the actress. When asked directly whether she will be returning, she said yes, although some feel her jokey persona cannot be trusted.

In addition, we also wrote about Warwick Davis, who played an Ewok, as he would love to be involved in the next film. He said he would love to play a villain, although some feel he is setting his sights a bit too high (excuse the pun). There’s no doubting his talent and many Star Wars fans would love to see him in the next movie, in fact some have suggested he could play numerous roles, so we hope he gets the opportunity to join up with other returning cast members.

From the reaction by many Star Wars fans, we get the impression not all cast members will be welcomed although Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2 are a few that we would love to see back in the frame. A large majority of fans have made it clear characters like Jar Jar Binks are not wanted, therefore, who would you like to see in Star Wars Episode 7? Maybe you have an idea of younger cast members that could play new recruits to the Star Wars family.

  • Evo

    I like that last paragraph.  Chewbacca, R2D2, and 3PO are absolutely NECESSARY.  Chewy is just such a likeable character, all furry 7 feet of him.  And R2 is the coolest droid to ever bless the big screen, his adventures within the star wars plot are key, and his friendship with other characters such as Anakin and then Luke make him another important member.  C3PO can be a little whiny sometimes, but overall, I like him, and he is a good buddy for R2 and adds that touch of comic relief I suppose (he’s not that funny but he does lighten the mood).
    Also, regarding which character(s) I want to see return, it is hard to say.  Most of the cool people are all dead, or already expected to return (Han, Luke, etc.).  I can’t even think of anyone else.  Maybe Darth Maul, who is still alive by the way, according to the official “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” TV show.  Or perhaps if we could see the return of the trandoshan bounty hunter known as Bossk.  He is a character that many fans probably don’t even remember, but I thought that he looked interesting in episode IV (I think it was that one, or episode VI), and he also was given more of a background in the Clone Wars TV show.
    However, the timeline really takes a toll on the movie already.  The fact that actors like Mark Hamil are return is exciting on one hand, yet a bit of a let down on the other.  I mean, he has put on weight and years.  Having a main cast of people on the older side who haven’t preserved themselves seems like a more awkward Star Wars.  On top of that, the actual universe will have to have aged in the same way as the actors.  Meaning that a character you liked in the Clone Wars TV show should be about 100 years old by episode 7’s time period.