Aliens: Colonial Marines given review of past month

Since the arrival of Aliens: Colonial Marines just over a month ago plenty of news has been reported about the game and not all of it has been positive. Now that the game has had some to get established, we thought an Aliens: Colonial Marines review was in order concerning what has been said about the game over the last thirty days.

The main gist of the setting is situated between the events of Aliens and the start of Alien 3, and this game explores the on-going conflict between Weyland-Yutani Corporation and the Colonial Marines. In an article on IGN they talk about gamers high expectations and a mixed opinion has been noted.

With a lengthy development some gamers were optimistic about what the end result would be, although IGN’s initial review score was a bland 4.5 out of 10, while others gave even lower scores. They mention the day one patch which isn’t a strange occurrence nowadays, yet the Wii U version is said to be the best looking on the consoles.

Starting with our most recent post, the new patch notes for the Xbox 360 version were discussed, and concerns were made about players falling out of a map, along with other frustrating issues. We mentioned how we felt four years of work have not been done with Aliens: Colonial Marines, and prior to this we highlighted some internal problems with a few anonymous members of staff giving us reasons why this game has had such a bad reception.

On a lighter note, we discussed the achievements and trophies for Aliens: Colonial Marines in another post highlighting required goals and basics including links to more extensive notes. Within a week of its release we let PC gamers in on a user update to assist the visuals, although some have found this a bit restrictive.

A day before the Colonial Marines release, we showed our readers a premature impression of the game resulting in a mediocre outcome, although we were optimistic that this was just one negative review, but a month later and it seems this is a widely shared view, so what are your overall thoughts on Aliens: Colonial Marines? Have any of the patches improved your experience?

  • MDK

    I felt everyone is way too harsh with their assessment of the game. Yes it is nothing like COD that everyone must hold as the Bible of gaming now but it is a very fun game and it really gives you that sense of chaos that the movie shows well. You feel overwhelmed in most parts and some just where a breeze. I do agree that the graphics are not the best but the overall look and feel of the the ships and the planet is very well done in my book. I have very friends who would have thrown lesser games out after the first play but they have beaten the game many times now and they are two people i trust with my gaming info over any professional reviewer.