Kick-Ass 2 trailer promises foul-mouthed humor

Fans of Kick-Ass the movie will be pleased to know this summer will see a return of the superhero team with a sequel imaginatively named Kick-Ass 2. From what we can see from the trailer more of the famliar foul-mouthed humor is to be expected along with some additions to the original cast.

Kick-Ass 2 will see Chloe Grace Moretz return as Hit-Girl and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Kick-Ass, along with another fans favourite Christopher Mintz-Plasse who we feel was brilliant as Fogell aka McLovin in Superbad. Other new recruits include Jim Carrey as Sal Bertolinni aka Colonel Stars and Stripes and John Leguizamo as Javier to name a few that stick out.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse will return as Chris D’Amico who becomes the super-villain known as The Mother Fucker, as he seeks revenge on the superhero team for the downfall of his father. John Leguizamo plays one of his bodyguards, while Jim Carrey looks set to be a good guy who is the leader of a group called “Justice Forever“.

So with Kick-Ass 2 scheduled to release on the 19 July 2013 in the UK and 16 August 2013 in the United States, we will probably see other footage of this upcoming sequel, which looks set to continue with the familiar foul-mouthed humor found in the original. To keep our readers informed on the latest entertainment news, we have the recently released Kick-Ass 2 trailer for you to watch below, and we would love to know your thoughts.