PS3 exclusives for 2013 reveal positive outlook

If you ask any PlayStation 3 owner what they would like to see over the course of this year PS3 exclusive games will feature highly in their top requests. Plenty of attention is currently being paid to news of the upcoming PS4 console, although we understand that the PS3 is not going to suffer because of this, in fact it seems quite the opposite.

We thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some PS3 exclusives for 2013, and the one that has accumulated lots of interest is The Last of Us. This eagerly awaited title is highlighted first in a list of top 10 PS3 exclusives for 2013 by The Bitbag.

The PlayStation 3 still has plenty of life left in it, and this year’s exclusives will stem the constant flow of intrigue in the next-gen games and console. We can see why The Last of Us is probably the exclusive game many PS3 owners are anticipating the most, as this title not only looks visually stunning but also seems to have a decent storyline, although we are hoping to see more of the gameplay in the build-up to its release.

There has been no official announcement that Gran Turismo 6 will be coming to the PS3, but we along with other GT enthusiasts are expecting this to be revealed soon (fingers crossed). The recently released title known as God of War: Ascension is a prequel that looks pretty impressive from what we have seen and this is shaping up to be a success.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is an endearing JRPG released earlier this year, and has been recommended as a title PS3 owners should acquire. Dust 514 is a free-to-play FPS set in the same universe as EVE Online, and this can be directly connected with EVE Online.

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness is a sequel to a release on the PS2, which looks interesting, and we are yet to hear more about Rain, currently being developed by Sony Japan Studio. All we know of this is players take up the role of an invisible boy who can only be seen when the rain splashes on him.

Puppeteer will also be developed at the same place, and this 2D side-scroller platformer allows players to swap heads of their puppet character to gain special abilities to battle against the evil Moon Bear King. Beyond: Two Souls is another highly anticipated title by David Cage known for his work with Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain.

The Witch and the Hundred Knights has already launched in Japan and the interest lies with the opportunity to play a hero or a villain. Obviously gamer’s opinions are mixed about what games interest them the most, but we can see The Last of Us is a stand out title for many.

While some suggest the PS3 will use these games to go out with a bang, others question why Sly Cooper has not been mentioned in the top 10, and we are also intrigued why this was left out of the PS3 exclusives for 2013. Without making any puns about the local weather, we like the sound of Rain, and would like to hear more about it. Therefore, what PS3 exclusives for 2013 interest you?

  • hfg

    Tales of Xillia is al also coming 2013 big Jrpg and better than lol FF

  • Swin

    Rain, Beyond Two Souls and The Last of Us are by far my most anticipated. God of War is being criminally underrated, im on my 3rd play through, so its alright for me to say that this game is so detailed, it requires multiple play throughs to fully experience. Weather its sly nods towards egyptian mythology or one of the many story elements that are represented visually, or details in enemy designs like the Manticore that has shark teeth, the arms and chest of a man, a lions maine and a scorpions tale, theres a TON of detail in this game that adds an incredible depth to the story and the gameplay. Not everything is spoon fed to you, and this is why i feel its being under rated. Thanx Santa Monica, for paying exquisite attention to detail! This level of detail is unique to them, i can honestly say ive never seen it on this level before, not even in uncharted, and for that they deserve some serious praise.