PS4 pre-order figures reveal pre-release success

The PlayStation meeting that announced Sony’s next-gen console has got many people excited about the upcoming system, so much so that PS4 pre-order figures are rising rapidly according to a leading online retailer. We are still unaware of the actual PS4 release date and price yet, although we are already being informed about “unprecedented demand” for the new console.

Apparently, the Sony reveal conference amounted in web traffic tripling on one site, and ShopTo has let Now Gamer in on this being their biggest pre-order success in the seven year history of their company.

James Rowson a spokesman from ShopTo, mentions how titles like Watch Dogs and Killzone are their most prominent pre-ordered titles, although he also admits Driveclub is accumulating plenty of interest.

He also remarks on the site being a hardcore gamers’ destination, so they envisaged both next-gen consoles were going to be in high demand, but they were not expecting this so soon. It was a brave step to put a pre-order message on their site, considering they were not totally confident at the time.

But the decision has paid off with a noticeable increase in new registrations to their site, along with newcomers who have not shopped with them before, while many have created an account just to place a PS4 pre-order.

The site in question is currently displaying a £399.95 price tag, yet nothing has been confirmed about the final price, so we are intrigued to know if they have managed to get any inside information. Are you that eager to get hold of the next-gen Sony console, that you have already placed a PS4 pre-order?