Early Xbox 720 release date might be Microsoft’s plan

Speculation surrounding the release of the next-gen consoles has put both the Xbox 720 and PS4 in a similar time bracket, but we are unsure which one will launch first. The first system off the starting block will make big news, so could Microsoft be planning an early release for their next generation Xbox?

According to recent reports, Microsoft has just bought Pando for around 11 million dollars, which is a torrent application that is apparently one that no one likes. In an article on Pixel Enemy, the news of Microsoft acquiring Pando is discussed along with details about what dedicated fans at NeoGaf have uncovered from Calcalist.

It seems this recent purchase was made with the intention to give Microsoft an advantage in sharing media files, and this is in preparation for the launch of their next-gen console expected in June. The report also states that Calcalist is a business magazine, and they not known for speculating in order to get more attention.

As the battle for supremacy heats up for both Microsoft and Sony, this news is very interesting considering neither console has been revealed yet. Some gamers feel there could be some confusion and the June date could be when they unveil the Xbox 720; while others are concerned Microsoft could be rushing it out.

The words “launch and announcement” seemed to be conflicting in some cases with many gamers showing confusion about the use of either and the actual definition, as some people are just using these words to their advantage. If there is any truth that the Xbox 720 will “launch” in June, the rush to get this console on the market before the PS4 could actually be more harmful if the system ends up to be a poorly built machine.

Considering the Xbox 720 hasn’t even been seen yet, do you think it will launch/release as early as June?