Best Android app for AR fanatics

When it comes to Augmented Reality many fans will looking forward to the release of Google Glasses, but there are plenty of augmented Android applications that use this technology currently, and we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the best Android apps available.

Augmented Reality allows users to blur the line between both the real and digital world and this can be done in a manner of different ways including the introduction of sounds, graphics and feedback to name a few. In an article on The Droid Guy they look at some Augmented Reality apps for Android and the first mentioned is Wikitude, as this was voted “Best Augmented Reality Browser 2009-2012“.

This free app accessible to download through Google Play, allows users to connect with their surroundings with the use of the devices camera, and this is a helpful way to obtain information on bars, restaurants hotels and other activities. With over 100 million places to browse, users can also play AR games like Swat The Fly, Bubble Tap and Alien Attack.

Layar is another popular AR app with over 25 million downloads noted already, and this also uses the camera to scan adverts, objects and news articles assisting the user with relevant information on scanned objects. 3D Compass gives the user an opportunity to view the world from a driver’s perspective with maps, coordinates, addresses and speed with GPS sensor.

Sky Map is ideal for those interested in information about the night sky, and just by pointing your device at the sky, users will get the chance to receive accurate details about the planets and star constellations above us. Ingress is an AR game which is getting positive feedback, and this game allows users to play on either side, Resistance or Enlightened.

Gameplay revolves around the choices made as your surroundings become the game environment where you get to collect objects, capture enemy territory and tap into sources of energy. The game is currently in closed beta, so we expect to hear more on this one when it becomes accessible to the public.

Are you a fan of Augmented Reality? What is your favourite AR app?

  • msaldeba

    AR (Augmented Reality) is new, and a very real engaging world.  I have been researching the development of AR for 7 years now, trying to understand the convergence between the physical and virtual worlds. I consider myself an AR expert after living in a virtual world (2nd Life) for one year truly experiencing AR development in commerce advertising & marketing of various industries. Many  top brands were there trying to discover their identity in this evolving world. However my conclusion stands the new world has arrived…”both worlds have become one world” the real (physical) world has merged with the virtual (internet) world rapidly before our eyes.  Technology & commerce are now trying to catch up and make sense of it all. Google, Apple, Nokia are trying to bridge that gap quickly with new technology and patents, wanting to be the first  pioneers, leaders to deliver the consumer experience and gain market share. The internet as we know it appears to be flat (web pages). However this was the perception Christopher Columbus (historic explorer) had of the world before acknowledging and having understanding of universal laws. We are now experiencing a similar discovery of the World Wide Web. The internet is not flat and will take 3D form.  AR technology will change the world’s perception. We will have a 3D virtual global experience.  Enjoy and explore our new developing world :-)   Mark Saldeba, Toronto.