GTA 5 beta key testing sham in T2 sights

It seems Take-Two Interactive are quite busy of late, taking on Grand Theft Auto 5 beta scammers with two disputes last month and a total of four cases have been opened up over GTA5 related domains. Only last week additional complaints were filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization in connection with and

Last month T2 were successful in a dispute over the domain, and won against, which is a phony website that has claimed to have keys for GTA 5 beta testing. In an article on Fusible they mention how T2 are aware of the beta scammers and additional complaints have been filed, they also discuss how this scam works.

It seems those visiting the site are used to unwittingly spread the scam through Facebook. Additionally, this full-fledged website has over 1,000 likes on its Facebook page which also includes a YouTube account. Those clicking on the “Get Your Key!” button will be taken to another page that asks them to choose a console, and once this is done the final page tries to trick users into downloading a file.

This is worth considering as with over 1,000 likes on its Facebook page, this may not be an obvious scam to everyone, although the fact that T2 has acknowledged this means more appropriate action will be taken.

In other GTA 5 news, we recently highlighted how a GTA 5 rival gains release advantage with Saints Row 4 expected a month earlier than the eagerly awaited Grand Theft Auto 5. When you consider the success of both franchises it seems an early release is the only real advantage it has over the likes of GTA 5, as the franchise from Rockstar Games has tripled this rival nearly tripling the success of Saints Row titles. According to reports Saints Row 4 will be releasing around 5 weeks earlier, so this could be an opportunity to accumulate more fans.

Will you be disregarding the earlier release of Saints Row 4 in anticipation for GTA 5? Alternatively we are intrigued to know if you have been sucked into any GTA 5 beta testing scams?