Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 for build cost

According to an estimate by HIS iSuppli putting two major smartphones up against each other when it comes to the Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 the iPhone comes out on top, and this is down to the Samsung Galaxy S4 build cost. This has given Apple the advantage as their product is cheaper to make, meaning more profit and further funds to put back into the marketing, innovation and price of future devices.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has accumulated plenty of headlines since its recent unveiling, but it seems as if this new smartphone is a rather expensive device to make when compared to the iPhone, and CBS News feels this is where the iPhone beats the Galaxy S4.

They also show a little hands-on demo of the new Galaxy S4 in action, although their main concern is how much the S4 cost to manufacture. Therefore, when comparing the iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S4 the lowest-end Apple iPhone 5 which contains 16GB of storage only costs $196 to manufacture, including materials.

While the overall cost of the 32GB version is around $217, and the 64GB version runs for an estimated $238. When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S4, the cost of the 16GB model is about $244 for the high-speed packet access version, and this is said to be around $48 more per unit to make in relation to the iPhone equivalent.

Throughout this article the word estimate props up quite regularly giving our readers reason to question whether this is more of a speculative report, but the higher costs of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 will come as an advantage to Apple, and this could be ideal for re-investing back into the technology of future product development as well as marketing.

Samsung’s higher costs are to Apple’s advantage, whether its keeping stable prices, or putting money back into future product development or marketing the iPhone. Do you think the manufacturing costs of the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be detrimental to their plans to stay competitive with the likes of Apple?