GTA 5 vs. Saints Row 4 revisited

In recent articles we spoke about the open world similarities with Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row titles in anticipation for GTA 5 and Saints Row 4, although the larger fanbase seems to revolve around the GTA title. With both franchises looking to release vastly improved versions it seems the only real advantage Saints Row 4 has over GTA 5 is the fact that it is releasing earlier, but can a month can make all the difference?

Today we wanted to revisit GTA 5 vs. Saints Row 4 thanks to an article on Gaming Bolt, which claims Saints Row 4 doesn’t need to compete with GTA 5. While many would suggest there is room for both to succeed, but we are under the impression the Saints Row franchise has experienced its ups and downs over the years much like the Grand Theft Auto series.

Both Saints Row 3 and GTA IV could have been the AAA blockbusters that were expected, while Saints Row 2 was held in higher regard to other instalments due to the amount of improvements. Both new titles will be up for discussion and gamers will expect them to be bigger and better than previous iterations while Saints Row 4 looks set to continue the tradition of crazy and outrageous behaviour that fans love.

We understand that gamers will be contemplating their finances when these titles arrive and with Saints Row 4 coming out a month earlier this should weigh up the success of both with GTA 5 conceding the advantage to Saints Row 4. Both games have an open world familiarity with plenty of emphasis on crime and adventure, while those who felt let down by Saints Row 3 will be looking at this sequel to reinstall their faith in the franchise.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is set to be this year’s biggest title and the success will not mean Saints Row 4 does not get the appreciation it deserves, it will just mean one is more successful, as both title look like a whole heap of fun, which is great news for the gaming industry.

Do you think games that copy or have a familiar style to a blockbuster title is good when they are successful? Will you be trying to get hold of both over the course of the year, or do you favour GTA 5?

  • JFenlon

    GTA V is obviously better, they started writing stuff gor GTA V in 2008, saints row IV looks exactly the same as the third.

  • JFenlon

    GTA V is obviously better, they started writing stuff for GTA V in 2008, saints row IV looks exactly the same as the third.

  • craig

    they can release on the same day and V will sell while SR4 will sit there collecting dust.

  • thatkidd421

    With saints row continuing the downward trend of a s.h.I.t. story and middle school jokes I myself won’t be purchasing it. And from what I’ve seen from gta 5 its looking to go back to its roots with at least a likeable protagonist, the iconic old gta dark humor, an actual variety of weapons compared to IV generic weapons, jets, and car driving that doesn’t feel like your driving a boat. Yea getting gta V and not sr4

  • Heyxyz

    After SR3, I don’t even think I can say Sa…i..n.t..s ro…w

  • TheUnknownInternetUser

    Even a person with a single digit IQ would say GTAV is better…

  • Rexybeast

    HUH? Saints row 3 is so much fun!

  • Nathaniel Cannon

    Gta and Saints Row would do everything they can to get people’s attention at all times. I loved both games because of the story lines, seriousness, guns, and little bit of humor, but the current direction Saints Row is going is not an idea I’ve had in mind. I like video games that deal with simulations similar to the real life crimes in the streets, it could be in the settings of Miami, Los Angeles, Detroit, New York City, and other places that has very high crime rates. I don’t like this stuff in the real world but love them in video games with the dark sides of criminal underworlds that makes those games really fun and to feel that games like GTA is real but in video game form. If Saints Row wants crazy, maybe I should go inside a bathroom with a hot white woman and to stick my black snake inside of a gloryhole so she could enjoy licking and sucking it. That’s how crazy it should be if that’s the direction Saints Row is going currently.

  • Tyler M

    I hate when games like this get compared simply because they’re both open world “crime” games, when in reality that’s a Huge portion of gaming now, even with that “crime” thrown in there. The fact of the matter is they’re 2 completely different games, and they’ll both be extremely fun and enjoyable for 2 completely different reasons… Grand Theft Auto will always win when it comes to story and realistic game play, but Saints Row is a fantastic series, and at times, i think it’s a lot more fun then Grand Theft Auto, but again, it’s all in what you’re looking for at that moment. GTA doesn’t always carry the Fun, Fast-Paced Gameplay that Saints Row does, and I feel like there are a lot of limitations in any GTA game, and when that time comes, Saints Row wins by a long shot, and that’s not factoring in the Customization of the game which tops almost all other Open World games. On the Other hand, GTA is rewarding with it’s depth, strong characters with stronger development and an overall sense of accomplishment for moving forward. They both hold special spots for different reasons, and I think Saints Row has really come a long way in terms of separating itself from Grand Theft Auto. It’s sad to still see these comparisons truthfully, and I’d hate to see what comparisons are coming next… Saints Row has Super Powers Now? Saints Row vs. Infamous. You can explore the sea’s in GTA 5? GTA vs. Assassins Creed 4. Let each game be its own game and critique it based on how it’s improving itself AND The genre, but don’t pass on an amazing series simply because it’s Not a different one. It’s a Never ending cycle, and it really scares me to see What Will happen when they decide to release Sleeping Dogs 2.