Samsung Galaxy S4 release date to bring about change

Plenty of focus revolves around the new Samsung Galaxy S4 since it was recently unveiled, with a fair amount of websites looking at comparisons with other top of the range smartphones, but we are now hoping some news on the Samsung Galaxy S4 pricing will be revealed soon. According to one article the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date will bring about change, so we are intrigued to know what they mean by this.

Whether you’re a fan of Android devices or prefer Apple products the technology that comes with these devices makes them irresistible to consumers, and a post on the trusted Forbes website takes a closer look at how the S4 could be a game changer. They feel that the new Galaxy S4 mobile could open up some great new ways to interact with games and this could be implemented with the new eye tracking technology.

If this becomes apparent, they think this could be the equivalent of “next-gen” mobile, and the advantages are endless with both location-based technology and augmented reality. This could provide users with some unique experiences which will enhance interactive entertainment.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, this could be more apparent as time goes on, but there are some worthy features that are already on display with the option of Group Play, which they show in a video. This technology will give the user the opportunity to transfer and instantly view or play everything from documents and music files to photos, and other S4 content, as well as opening up support for multiplayer games.

It is fair to say that gaming is a big factor of entertainment nowadays, and so is the opportunity to view TV and movies on the cool looking S4 screen or the big screen, which provides more options to keep entertained wherever you go. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be releasing from 26 April in the UK, on all major networks, so do you feel the Galaxy S4 is an upgrade worth investing in?