GTA 5 3D map based on screenshots and trailers

The wait for GTA 5 and the lack of news in recent weeks has prompted one fan to keep occupied by creating a map of Los Santos in 3D, which is no easy task considering the size of this map. Based on the real-world city of Los Angeles, Los Santos in GTA 5 is considerably larger than it was in the last game, and it is scaled to be as big as its real-world counterpart.

Los Santos is the main part of the map and the GTA 5 version is said to be the heart and soul of the game with certain parts comparable to that of the real life counterparts such as Hollywood, Mulholland Drive and South Central LA. The 3D rendered map is an ideal way to give other fans a taste of the scale and what to expect in this highly anticipated title.

The map created by user gtamodeller contains the city of Los Santos and this has been put together with information based on screenshots and trailers. This can be seen on the GTA Forums provided through this link, and the user explains the full map will be much larger, although some gamers have been saying that the 3D GTA 5 map works for some people and not for others.

This could be down to the graphics card installed in the computers people are using, so many fans who cannot see the map have been asking whether the user can post screenshots. While some may feel that certain fans have too much time on their hands, we are happy to see some initiative to keep other enthusiasts occupied while we wait for the September 17 release.

Are you a fan of the franchise that is glad to see other fans making the most of the limited information on offer?