MW4 mini movie revealed with release date

With another Call of Duty game in the pipeline it seems a mini Modern Warfare 4 movie is expected to promote this upcoming game, and from the information available this will be about 20 minutes long. The movie is scheduled for release in October 2013, and those thinking an actual CoD film was on the cards have been informed this is a promotional movie by Activision who have no plans for a full blown cinema release.

While some gamers question whether this is official, others feel it could be much better and many want to know whether the movie date has any bearing on the MW4 release date, considering they have announced it before the actual game. For our valued readers we have embedded the official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 movie reveal at the bottom of this post, and we would love to know your thoughts on this.

With mixed reactions from CoD fans, some are disappointed with this Modern Warfare 4 movie, while others question whether this is a fake. In other CoD news, our last post looked at the cost of Black Ops 2 and MW4 personalization, with micro-transactions becoming more apparent with CoD titles.

More added in-game purchases were available for Black Ops 2 from Wednesday, which entitle gamers to “Micro Items” to give players more customization, although some of these aesthetic add-ons have not been entirely welcomed by fans. Things like the Bacon Personalization Pack available for $2 gives users the opportunity to dress up their favourite weapon with things like bacon camouflage at a cost, and this sort of thing will probably be even more prominent with Modern Warfare 4.

The optional choice of acquiring micro-transactions seems to be a regular occurrence in gaming nowadays and we can understand that many gamers feel they have already forked out enough for the game to be met with additional costs for things that should be free. While others have no interest and feel that there is no way they will pay extra for aesthetic add-ons, although no one is forcing them to.

While we feel personalization DLC should be free, we understand that many gamers have no issue with paying, and many will discuss the fact that the game you bought contains what you paid for and nothing more. Do you think that developers are purposely leaving content out of a game to then come out with it after the game has been released?