New Battlefield 4 trailer heads to sea

A new Battlefield 4 trailer which heads to sea gives fans a little teaser of the game which is enough to get the attention of Battlefield enthusiasts, although the short teaser does not show much other than the propeller of a ship, which could be anything from a U-Boat or aircraft carrier to a submarine or a cruise ship.

The blink and you miss it Battlefield 4 trailer will give fans a little snippet of what to expect, while others look forward to seeing some actual gameplay expected on March 27th. The teaser has brought up plenty of discussions about what will be involved in Battlefield 4, and although many feel that boats and water elements will definitely be in the game, so this teaser has done what was intended and got fans excited.

In other Battlefield 4 news, we recently wrote a post on news that BF4 is set to release with a multiplayer frenzy, with news of rumoured 64 player maps, which some gamers feel should be doubled to accommodate the larger maps. In many cases we are hearing that this eagerly anticipated title will be very much like Battlefield 3, with three factions including the US, Russia and an unnamed Eastern factor.

As far as DLC is concerned there are plans for a large amount of this, which are already in the planning stages, but statements regarding this title as more of an evolution than a revolution has given gamers reason to question why the amount of players has not gone up from 64 to 128. In addition, we would like to hear of more upgraded weapons and updates of improvements in comparison to Battlefield 3.

For those who want to view the new Battlefield 4 trailer teaser heading to sea, we have embedded it for you below, and we would be happy to hear your opinions on this.