Watch Dogs multiplayer teased with pre-order

With lots of interest revolving around upcoming open world title Watch Dogs, an image has appeared on a Watch Dogs pre-order site that shows rewards for both single and multiplayer aspects of the game. The image in question shows different outfits available in both parts of this intriguing title, which has an open world element that is a popular feature among gamers.

This image has already brought up various debates and it can be seen on the Hamster Reality website, which has given us reason to believe if the Watch Dogs multiplayer has not already been confirmed surely this picture does. This has caused us to speculate on what could be in store as far as the Watch Dogs multiplayer is concerned, especially since this has an open world aspect to it.

Many gamers would relish the opportunity to free-roam with friends, while others have thought up various scenarios which would make the multiplayer a fun experience. Situations have been suggested where certain players can play around the exiting map like they would in the single player mode, but have others monitoring you through cameras to identify you and bring you in.

While we contemplate why the image does not contain a console logo, we hope the Watch Dogs multiplayer brings something new to the table, as some gamers are getting bored with the online versus games and would prefer the experience of online free roam.

Watch Dogs is not expected until late this year, so will you be reserving your copy anytime soon?