Xbox 720 and PS4 specs to allow instant turning on

At last month’s PlayStation meeting Sony revealed that the PS4 specs allow the next-gen to turn on almost instantly, and now leaked documents for the so-called Xbox 720 point to an Always on, Always Connected system, which at the very least will mean the next Xbox will turn on instantly like stated with the PS4.

The Xbox 720 specs allow this console to be always online and always on so that users remain connected, and details of this are discussed in an article on The Edge. According to their source, the information is reliable and this news has been reiterated in the Durango Hardware Overview section, so we understand the next-gen Xbox will have different power states that allow the console to be always powered up, but use minimal electricity when it is not being used.

This function will make the console ready for use at any time being instantly accessible with a constantly updated network connection, which allow users to just pick up and play when the mood suits. This is ideal for people like me as I sometimes get fed up waiting for updates to be done or games that take ages to load up, therefore, the chance to play games at the same time as they are being installed will be welcomed by many.

While some gamers are concerned about what control Microsoft will have over their installed games, others already have their current consoles permanently online. The sound of instant gaming does sound like a worthy feature, but we would like to know what other features you feel are not so impressive.