Diablo 3 features highlighted for PS3 version

Diablo 3 on the PC has become a popular title among fans and it looks like this game will be branching out to satisfy console owners who have been questioning rumours about this title making its way to gaming consoles. According to reports this won’t just be a mediocre port of the PC version, as this version will involve hellfire and brimstone as well as the addictive action gameplay experienced in Diablo 3 on the PC.

When it comes to the PlayStation 3 version some gamers will be pleased to have this on the console, especially those who have mentioned how this game on the PC has given some users crippling finger cramps. In an article on Games Radar they highlight eight things you need to know about this game on the PS3, as well as answers to burning questions about the PS3 version.

The extensive report goes on for about 11 pages and one gamer has decided to list these briefly for those who cannot be bothered to read the entire article. The 8 things needed to know are, 1. Movement is smooth, 2. The flow is different, 3. You can dodge, 4. Local 4-player multiplayer, 5. The camera’s pulled in, 6. Good loot is easier to find, 7. No more auction house, no more always-online, and 8. Menus have been optimized for console.

While regular PC gamers may question some changes to the movements, one has suggested a way to hold block then right stick to dodge before release, although there could be some more console specific changes.

Additionally, many gamers are concerned about how long this will take to release on the PS3, and whether this will eventually become available on the PS Vita. Do you expect Diablo 3 on the PlayStation 3 to have many console related restrictions?

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    There is no “block” in diablo.