XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iPhone

Turn-based action-strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a surprisingly popular title that accumulated 20 awards at E3 2012 such as the Game Critics Award for Best Strategy Game, as well as the Best PC Game. Therefore, news that this title is making its way to the iPhone is bound to be welcomed by many.

According to reports fans can expect XCOM: Enemy Unknown on the iPhone sometime this summer and it will offer a similar experience to that witnessed on the PC and consoles. In an article on Mashable, they highlight the announcement by Firaxis Games during its panel at PAX East in Boston, and, XCOM lead designer Jake Solomon reveals his excitement about this.

He mentioned how they originally had reservations about whether this was technically possible, although the Unreal Engine has made this an easy game to port. Apparently, 2K’s China studio already commenced work on the XCOM port prior to last October’s release.

Expected on both iPad and iPhone some UI tweaks are said to make XCOM: Enemy Unknown ideal for the iPhone’s smaller screen, so we are now waiting to hear about the retail price and an actual release date. Are you an XCOM: Enemy Unknown fan that has been waiting for news of this game being made available on the iOS?