Battlefield 4 beta to entice Premium service

Battlefield 3 Premium members will be pleased to know they have been included as part of the Battlefield 4 beta access, which was initially reserved for those who pre-ordered Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Now all members with a premium subscription will be offered access giving those signing up the opportunity to check out the Battlefield 4 beta.

This is great for fans who have been disillusioned by the Premium service in the past, and this could prompt more people to sign up. The news seems to be confirmed by a recent screenshot leak from Origin Russia and if this will mean the $50 Premium subscription will gain access to five content rich expansion packs, as well as strategy guides, exclusive videos and this new free beta adding to the overall value.

With no sign of Battlefield 3 server numbers decreasing, it seems EA has made good work as far as marketing is concerned and with their big Battlefield 4 event lined up for March 26, we are under the impression EA may finalize the beta details during this event to make it official.

The beta is expected towards the end of this year, which looks set to brace the next-gen systems, so being a Premium subscriber has never been more attractive, and this could also promote purchases of both the Xbox 720 and the PS4. Has this given you reason to contemplate getting a next-gen console towards the end of the year?

Thanks to Alan Ng on Product Reviews.