BioShock Infinite review roundup tells all

From what we are hearing BioShock Infinite is gaining rave reviews and after the long wait for its release we are under the impression Irrational Games has provided a blockbuster title that looks set for success. Some near perfect scores have been awarded to BioShock Infinite by various gaming sites, and although the websites are well respected among the gaming community, we are interested in what makes this title so good.

Apparently, BioShock Infinite doesn’t innovate as much as expected, and no game is perfect, but for all round good fun with sharp shooting this title has not had much in the way of negativity. In a review by OXM UK as decent score of 9 has been awarded for the impeccable dialogue, as well as the sound, acting, art and cast of characters.

Destructoid on the other hand, delivered a perfect score of 10/10 and describe BioShock Infinite as a near perfect game, while Edge regard a score of 9 is a very respectable rating. According to Eurogamer this is one hell of a ride and they have no choice in rating this with a perfect 10/10, and Joystiq’s 5/5 reiterates this classing it as a stand out achievement for video games in 2013.

VideoGamer’s score of 8/10 is the lowest we can find, although they feel this could be one of the most compelling games to come out in this generation, making it hard for us to find out any real issues with this title, and according to GameSpotBioShock Infinite is more than just a quality game, it’s an important one,” awarding another impressive score of 9.0.

Were you expecting BioShock Infinite to be this well-received by the critics?