LTE Chromebook Pixel ship date and price confirmed

The Chromebook Pixel laptop is said to be at the high end of Google’s Chromebook family, although it has been released now for over a month we are now starting to see signs of the LTE version shipping.

Boasting the highest pixel density of any laptop the Chromebook Pixel has a faster CPU than its predecessors, as well as donning a touch-screen, and the second Pixel featuring LTE wireless communication will have twice the storage capacity.

The LTE Chromebook Pixel will be shipping no later than April 8th for those pre-ordering today according to Google Play, and it will cost around $1,449 stated in a report on The Verge.

As they highlight the stunning screen they also go into detail about the built-in LTE modem for $150 premium over the original, which delivers mobile data via Verizon every month for two years.

This is ideal considering this laptop relies on the internet and this machine is viewed as a spectacular piece of hardware, while the luxury of mobile data could make this an attractive investment.

Do you think the LTE Chromebook Pixel looks like a darker version of the MacBook?