Xbox 720 logo leaked, fits into the metro tiles system

While we wait for some form of reveal for the upcoming Xbox 720 it seems other news is making the headlines concerning Microsoft’s next-gen system. An Xbox 720 teaser picture, which has been posted by an anonymous Twitter account, shows a pretty convincing image of the next Xbox logo, although the Twitter account in question has only been created recently.

Three weeks after the internal Xbox event we expected more revealing news than a leaked image of a logo, although there is a distinct possibility this could have come from the event and could be legitimate. Highlighting news of the image leak, Gamechup focuses on what else is being said on this teaser poster because the part that says “Introducing a new way to play” gives us the impression this may well be the new Xbox, while names like Next and 720 are absent.

With plenty of reports pointing in the direction of an April 2013 reveal for the console, many gamers will be hoping this will showcase some new titles, although this seems like just rumour at this moment in time, and the logo looks doesn’t look like it is very professional, so it is hard to tell.

While it is not a good looking logo, it does fit into the metro tiles system, and some gamers feel that this poor excuse for a logo could be legitimate, although many share our sentiment and expect a reveal soon to put an end to all the speculation. Do you think there is a possibility Microsoft’s next-gen system could be simply just called Xbox?