GTA 5 supermarkets considered by fans

In the build-up to this year’s release of another instalment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise fans are using their waiting time to come up with other ideas that will benefit titles like the highly anticipated GTA 5. Each edition in the series adds more realistic components to every game and the sort of things that go on in everyday life have been contemplated by gamers.

One of our routines whether its daily or weekly may involve a visit to the local supermarket spending money on all sorts of shopping items, and it seems like fans have been considering this aspect to be used in GTA 5. We understand the notion that this game will have more to do with spending and earning money, so a supermarket that could be used sounds like a plausible idea.

The discussion held on GTA Forums talks about the addition of supermarkets in Los Santos, as this would be ideal for buying goods rather than shopping individually for separate items from different stores. The option to shop in various places could still be there, although at least one supermarket would be useful.

Initially we raised our eyebrows at talk of a game that promotes shopping, although once we had time to digest the idea some great scenarios can to mind, as more varied missions could be involved. This is bound to accumulate plenty of crazy suggestions with everything from trolley races round the store and car parks to more realistic experiences like having to drag a screaming 4 year old round the aisles, or having to complete a shopping list in time much like the Supermarket Sweep game show.

Supermarkets could be the ideal places for the protagonists to cool off or hide, while the location could be good for heists and gun fights, although the idea of shopping has dropped to the bottom of the list now we are imagining different ways a supermarket could be used. What other fun scenarios can you think of to make this a worthy suggestion?

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