Lack of Xbox 720 updates is Sony’s advantage

It’s fair to say that Sony’s PS4 is receiving plenty of attention while many gamers are still unsure about the upcoming Xbox 720. Some suggest both systems will share similarities, but the always-online rumours revolving around Microsoft’s new console have had a negative reaction and the lack of any further news means many gamers are being turned off by the lack of positives in relation to 720 details.

While some gamers are already starting to show they are PS4 fans it is mostly Sony enthusiasts that are writing off Microsoft’s Xbox 720 prematurely. In an article on Official Xbox Magazine the always-online aspect has been singled out as the main drawback, although they also suggest that a negative response by gamers could be jumping the gun.

We at Inentertainment acknowledge how the always online experience may not go down well with many gamers, but we also feel that the deciding factor may be down to exclusive games, which could be console selling titles. It is still too early to pass judgement on both, but the lack of Xbox 720 news does draw more attention to the online issue.

For those of you who are regularly online on the Xbox 360 this does not seem an issue, although not everyone enjoys multiplayer experiences, so we are intrigued to know if the majority of Xbox 720 games will have large multiplayer and online components. 360 and PS3 owners will admit to remaining connected at all times, especially those playing multiplayers and using things like the Netflix services or Love Film.

Some may feel like the choice is already made for you with the Xbox 720, while loyal 360 owners feel that many gamers are just using the online only reports as leverage to document negatives about the console in general. In the aforementioned report on OXM, the respected tech blogger behind the “leak” Paul Thurrott mentions how the online issue has caused many to use the online situation as a “knee-jerk reaction“, which is amounting in negative feedback.

Do you think the always online leak has been overly dramatized? Can you see this resulting in many Xbox fans also writing off the console?

  • FPSGamer

    I have DSL internet, which is good enough to play BF3 online any day of the week. however at times it can and does go out. When this happens i can play single player games and still relax a little and escape  the world for a bit. IF the always on is true… i will not be able to do this and will escentially have a $500 box that does nothing until the internet is back up… it makes me wonder how much RE setup takes place and diagnostics the system will run on itself once powered back up as well.  and since its a new system, what bugs might come from this…? i guess time will tell. I will keep my fingers crossed they do not make this happen. its already a little unsettling that the kinect HAS to be plugged in and setup to watch you as well, coupled with the always on : /    i want to stay with Xbox, i really do… but this might make it hard to.

  • Please_Microsoft_dont

    I will go to Play Station if the “always on” is true.  I have unreliable internet as my only option, (and have friends whose only option is dial-up).  My connection is barely good enough to browse the web (how sad is that).  I only ever hook up my 360 to the internet if I have an add-on to download, which happens 2 or three times a year.
    I will gladly switch to Play Station if this is true, they have some exclusive games I’ve been dying to play.  (Backwards compatible or not, at least the new installments of some good franchises).

  • redemptionl0stontxbl

    I am what you call a xbox fanboy  i’v talked s#@t about ps3 since it was released but if xbox go’s with the always on crap I will buy my first play station ever I live out of town my internet Is spotty at best and not all farming towns even have high speed internet so ps4 is looking better and better here in upper wisconsin

  • dude man

    Ms will reveal when they are ready. If anything the recyled doom stories negatively affect the press as I am tired of seeing them already it repeating the same articles comes off as disingenuous to the reader. It’s like the media thinks they can force MS to reveal early with negative press