GTA 5 extreme pleasure, doubtful in this release

With high expectations for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 release it has been widely reported that this instalment will be considerably larger than the previous games, and three protagonists will be available to make the most of the large open world on offer. Apparently, there will be plenty of side quests available and this has raised questions whether there will be any added or hidden missions like the Hot Coffee incident that was involved in GTA San Andreas.

For those not aware of this the “Hot Coffee” mission turned into a bit of a scandal when hackers found this secret mission that was obtainable with a hacking mod. The mission in question had a simulated sex scene, which was interactive and consisted of players waggling the joystick to raise the pleasure bar to extreme pleasure, deeming this content explicit enough to warrant an ESRB rating from Mature to AO.

Highlighting the Hot Coffee mission, Explosion talk about this being implemented into GTA 5 and whether this would be a bold move for Rockstar to introduce Hot Coffee 2.0. The scenes in the aforementioned mission are not too explicit, although we understand how those against the game in general would be able to use something like this to show how distasteful GTA titles can be.

Since the Hot Coffee incident games have become much bolder and scenarios like this may not accumulate the same kind of attention as it did a few years ago, positive or negative. Therefore, there will be many gamers out there that think there is nothing too controversial about missions like this nowadays.

In other GTA 5 related news, last week we spoke about how fans are making the most of their time while they wait for the game to come out. 17th September is the GTA 5 release date and it seems some fans have been recreating the map of this upcoming game from all the knowledge obtained from screenshots and trailers.

GTA games are known for bringing in some outrageous scenes and environments that go with missions and it takes a lot to shock gamers, so we are also sure something like Hot Coffee 2 would not cause the same uproar this time around. Do sex scenes or related missions shock you in games? Alternatively, would you rather be doing something else with your gaming time?

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