Star Wars: Episode 7 would not be the same without original music composer

As we wait for official confirmation about whether certain cast members will be returning for the next chapter in the Star Wars saga, questions are also being asked about the Star Wars: Episode 7 plot and rumours on the internet since the films were first mentioned. The only facts at present are about Disney and J.J. Abrams involvement, as speculative reports build about the next film planned for 2015, with two other sequels expected after Episode 7 appearing on a yearly basis.

When it comes to the original score John Williams has composed music for every Star Wars movie, giving us no reason to question whether he will continue his work with the next trilogy. According to a report on Digital Spy, Williams wants to compose new score and the Oscar-winning composer has provided the iconic music for all six films now, recently revealing how he would love to continue his work with Star Wars.

While many fans share the same sentiment, a new Star Wars film would not have that familiar feel without the gripping music that brings us into the world of Star Wars. According to Williams news of the new Star Wars films has given him time to focus and get prepared for that all important call about composing more music to complement the on-going Star Wars saga, although he was unaware about Abrams taking over as director.

This has given many Star wars fans to demand John Williams as the composer of the next three movies, and considering there is plenty of positives about J.J. Abrams involvement fans are not overly keen on the music he has used in his previous films. Do you feel that there is no other choice in comparison to the iconic music from John Williams?

  • 4stripes41

    Williams is the man for the job. His compositions are trademark symbols of Star Wars without ever seeing the words or actors. His sound is unmistakable and to replace him is foolish and unnecessary.

  • R2Jon2

    He must compose the music for Star Wars VII. I love his style in his pieces so much.

  • R2Jon2

    He must compose the music for Star Wars VII. I love his style in his pieces so much. There is no reason or exception for another composer other than John Williams. Star Wars without John Williams is like celebrating Star Wars Day on May 4th without any Star Wars.