Xbox 720 online-only feature still not confirmed

Microsoft’s so-called Xbox 720 or Durango has received many speculative reports about what will be involved with this upcoming console and news of an always-online feature has been doing the rounds for some time. Although this has not been officially confirmed, many gamers are not overly impressed with this idea, but until we hear this from Microsoft themselves we are deeming this as just a rumour.

While many feel that this rumour should prise Microsoft to come out and let us know either way an article on Dark Zero suggests this Xbox 720 online-always feature hasn’t even been contemplated. According to their source NeoGAF member Cheesemeister has given us reason to believe the features involved will be more attractive than we expected.

From what the user is saying, the Xbox 720 will not be always online and will feature backwards compatibility, as well as being the most indie friendly system out there. In a short paragraph we are now being told the system will not require a constant internet connection to play games and Microsoft were never considering this in the first place, but we are still unsure.

Official Xbox 720 news has been a bit sparse over the last few months and we are hoping some legitimate information comes between now and the E3 event to confirm or deny what has been reported of late including news of backwards compatibility.

Have the speculative reports about the Xbox 720 given you cause to contemplate what Sony are offering with the PS4? Or do you feel gamers will be pleasantly surprised with the features on this upcoming next-gen console?