GTA 5 for next-gen consoles, details incoming

As Grand Theft Auto fans wait patiently for the next instalment there have been questions about whether GTA 5 will release on the Xbox 720 and Sony PS4, as this would be the ideal game to build up an install base on the next-gen consoles. While many gamers are looking at what Microsoft and Sony have to offer with their upcoming consoles some are suggesting that decisions might be made in accordance with specific exclusive games, although GTA 5 for next-gen consoles will make this a hard decision for fans of the series.

We are under the impression GTA 5 PS4 and Xbox 720 ports could be expected and we are getting hints that an announcement could be on the cards. With PC gamers also waiting for confirmation about GTA 5 on the PC, it seems the GTA 5 release date will be at a later date for both PC and next-gen consoles.

In an interesting article on Examiner they talk about the expectation of an announcement soon as an investor call event will be held by Take-Two Interactive on May 16. In the past similar events have amounted in new announcements and details so we are keeping our fingers crossed for an incoming reveal next month. While the GTA V release date is scheduled for the 17th September gamers can expect the next-gen versions to arrive later this year, although we are unsure how long after the new consoles launch.

Considering the gap between instalments Grand Theft Auto games are very popular and GTA 5 on next-gen consoles will be an ideal way to branch out in sales with a multi-platform title that could attract many gamers to the new systems. Are you a GTA fan that just cannot wait for the new game to release on the next generation consoles? Or will you be holding out for a while longer?

  • FartSandwiches

    That headline is misleading if not a flat-out lie. You quote Examiner quoting Gamerranx’s speculative quote as fact?

  • Matt

    Well I can see this as a for sure possibility.With Ubisoft slipping up softly with the whole Black Flag trailer tipping next gen,I can see Rockstar letting Microsoft make their May announcement 1st.Then during the TTWO investors meetings it very well could be announced.As a GTA fan at this point and time I would love to here next gen plans for GTA V.Especially since I plan on being in on next gen by as early as next Feb.

  • ozz

    this is all speculation.. Considering GTA V was suppose to be released earlier this year I can assume its going to be released on current gen. With that said I would gladly wait another 3 months if we got a polished next gen version. but if  it’s just going to look the same then I’ll just get it for current gen.I plan to buy the next xbox on launch. 7 years of loyal service deserves a new purchase (my 260  never got red ringed.. I blow out the dust once a year, give it distance from the wall, and install games to HD to save on drive spinning)

  • meee2

    it is Impossible for it to release on next gen unless PS4 has backward compatability. **GTA5 will be on a PS3 Disc…**

    • terrencestarkey24

      @meee2 That was an ignorant comment.

    • GregHakes

      @meee2 That is not true at all.

    • lilzay33311

      @meee2 that’s like saying it’s impossible to be multi platform because it’s coming out for Xbox 360 come on now get with the program

      • GregHakes

        @lilzay33311  @meee2 Yup, he is very narrow minded.  All i can say is i can not wait to play it, it is going to be awesome.

        • http://ireland benny2012

          same here i cant wait to play it its goin to be awsome

        • http://ireland benny2012

          same here i cant wait to play it its goin to be awsome haha

  • GregHakes

    I am looking foward to GTA5, I can only amagine how sweet that will look on the next Gen. console and PC.  Sweet eye Candy galore.