New Bethesda game isn’t Fallout 4

Speculation surrounding a new Bethesda game has given many gamers reason to believe this could be Fallout 4, but it seems this is not the case. Therefore, some are suggesting other titles that might be on the cards like Wolfenstein, Black Sun, Prey 2 or even Thalmor/High King-Queen, although Wolfenstein is the most common guess from gamers.

From the tease shown on the Bethesda Blog this could be a totally new post-apocalyptic title, a survival horror or both, and according to reports this looks set to be something along these lines with news that Bethesda’s new game will involve Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, so a survival horror looks to be the safest bet.

News of Mikami’s involvement is highlighted on PlayStation Universe marking his return to this genre and the game itself was previously codenamed Zwei. From what we are being told this title will be revealed tomorrow by IGN and it seems that this will be a brand new IP for Mikami.

All we know at the moment is Bethesda Softworks is publishing while Tango Gameworks is developing so we hope more will be revealed over this weekend. Are you excited about the arrival of another post-apocalitic survival horror game? Maybe this is a decent opportunity for Bethesda to attract some disheartened fans of Skyrim.

  • Jahova

    i think everyone was hoping for fallout. Bethesda let us down….

    • Agent777


    • Agent777

      @Jahova how did they let you down. It was your choice to believe it was fallout 4. Bethesda didn’t let you. You let yourself down.

  • Peyton

    Ugh. Them dumping the idea of possible future Skyrim DLC was only made palatable by the idea that it was for Fallout 4.

  • Littleoz

    Surely if Bethesda is just publishing they could still be developing Fallout, maybe I’m just deluded but its been nearly 3 years since the last Fallout and I think its time for a new title!! :/

    • XxEmergExX

      @Littleoz They probably are, some people don’t understand the difference between Bethesda Softworks and Bethesda Game Studios.

  • shikamaru317

    Calm down everyone, Bethesda is more than likely still working on Fallout 4. Bethesda Softworks PR Head Pete Hines suggested on his twitter that the game they teased on Vine was not being made by Bethesda Game Studios, but one of the other studios affiliated with Bethesda Softworks. That means that the game that Bethesda Game Studios is working on could easily still be Fallout 4. Don’t forget that Inon Zur, the composer of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, teased a May 15 announcement for his next game. I still believe it’ll be Fallout 4.

  • JohnRiley

    Its not that im not excited for whatever they are making next…. but if its not fallout then its probably going to fail, because they have only worked with RPG’s in the past. But also it doesnt make sense! All these teases dont add up. Like Eric Todd Dellums teasing he’d be in the new fallout game, and Inon Zur teasing his next project, and everything else. Oh silly me, whenever my favorite game of all time has the chance for a new title, it always dies off in the dust…

  • rory


  • AaronHorsley

    Just Give Us Fallout 4 Already !!!!! I Hate Waiting Though I Also Hate Games Being Half Assed So Idk But Its Not Like They Haven’t Had Enough Time .

  • JamesBillingsworth

    Everyone calm down. Bethesda is not a stupid company, they are one of the best out there. They fought a court battle for all the Fallout rights, all of it. They also know that millions of people love the Fallout games, look at the sales for the crappy New Vegas game. Logic dictates that they will be working on Fallout 4. 
    The thing about Bethesda that sets them apart is that they know how to put on a show. This is all part of the act. A year after they released the mega earth shattering Skyrim suddenly Three Dog gives out the smallest morsel via twitter which gets everyone hoping. Then we learn that they are hiring for people to work on a secret game for the next gen consoles and the person who only makes music for Fallout games is working on something new and that got us thinking. Then we hear from the head of PR that they are going to work on something big and an announcement will come soon which has us talking. 
    Bethesda isn’t blowing their load too soon. They are perfectly allowing the most subtle of hints, rumors and rumors of hints to come out and keep our attention. If they don’t make a new Fallout game, they are beyond stupid, and they aren’t.

  • XxEmergExX

    When are people going to understand the difference between Bethesda Softworks and Bethesda Game Studios? I mean really? By now you should all know (if fans of BEthesda GAME STUDIOS’ games) that Bethesda Softworks is the sister company that only PUBLISHES games, they published Dishonored not too long ago. Bethesda Game Studios MAKE the games that we know and love. This article is very misleading, and the poster should have done more research.