Star Wars: Episode 7 is the start of an annual event

With Star Wars: Episode 7 set to release in 2015 it seems another instalment will be coming out on a yearly basis in regards to the new trilogy. Both Disney and Lucasfilm have been quoted to confirm the arrival of annual Star Wars films, with Episode 7 kicking off this annual event with three summers dedicated to life in a galaxy far far away.

This is good news for Star Wars fans who don’t want to see massive gaps between each episode and this will be ideal for the creators to keep in touch with fan feedback and make sure the storyline remains fresh in their minds. According to reports the annual films will complete this trilogy, although there are suggestions that some character specific movies will also be on the cards during this period.

We are under the impression the standalone films will not be a part of the overall saga, so we are unsure whether any of these will be based on the backgrounds of older characters or totally new ones altogether. News of the annual release starting summer 2015 has been documented on Super Hero Hype with reports that the standalone films will be alternating with each release of the trilogy.

While we are still in the dark about which characters will be involved in the standalone films it is also hard to tell how many of these will be coming out. It seems that fans are divided, with some saying the new trilogy should not be rushed, while others are concerned that Disney will be milking the franchise until they have ruined it altogether.

We understand concern for over-saturation and hope these projects are not rushed as it seems there are more fans worried about the next trilogy being harmed, while others are not overly excited about the standalone films.

In other Star Wars Episode 7 news we recently wrote a post on the original music composer, John Williams who has been involved in the previous six films, and spoke about his hopes to be recalled by those in charge to continue his work with the franchise. Even though he seemed uninformed about J.J. Abrams involvement he is still preparing for that all important call.

The Oscar-winning composer created the original score that has become iconic music and this adds to the emotion fans want from a Star Wars film, so we feel no Star Wars film would be the same without him. We also acknowledge that fans are not overly impressed by the music J.J. Abrams has used in his previous movies.

Returning to the original source, do you think it is overkill to bring out a Star Wars film every year for three years? We would also love to know your thoughts on which characters would make great standalone films.

  • joe karna

    I would really love to see them bring back Liam Niesson for a Qui Gon spin off that would go from when he was Duku”s apprentice through receiving Obi Wan as his apprentice. Qui Gon is my favorite star wars character and Liam Neisson is a great actor.