Fallout 4 spotlight eclipsed by The Evil Within

Only last week we were questioning what Bethesda’s new game will be, which we now no know is The Evil Within, known in Japan as Psychobreak. This looks set to be a survival horror in the same vein as the popular Resident Evil titles from the past and Shinji Mikami is the director involved.

The game was revealed in April 2012 going under the working title “Project Zwei“, and Mikami intends to make this his final directorial work. On various pages of the Bethesda Blog some short cryptic videos teasing The Evil Within have been shown on their forums including what consoles it will be available on as well as a live action trailer.

Those interested in The Evil Within merchandise can visit the Bethesda Blog through the link provided and take up the opportunity to buy the game’s logo t-shirt and a poster with the teaser image, although we are sure you would want to see the game in action before you start forking out for new merchandise.

To see the teasers promoting the game, head over to this page on their official forum where you can see gamer’s responses and voice your opinion, while another page highlights the unveiling at IGN. On the IGN site there is a debut trailer to be seen, and plenty of gamers are commenting on yet another survival horror, although there is no doubting that this genre is becoming popular, whether its zombies, demons or some other form of alien creatures.

Some gamers were expecting Bethesda’s next game to be Fallout 4, and feel this could be just another RE game, while others are looking forward to what seems to be a dark and scary title that may put other Resident Evil games in the shade.

Last week we speculated on what the new Bethesda game will be and mentioned how there were many gamers expecting it to be Fallout 4 or Wolfenstein. We also highlighted Shinji Mikami’s work on Resident Evil and how this will be a brand new IP, so we were not too far of the mark.

Were you hoping Bethesda’s next game would be Fallout 4? Maybe you think it’s time Bethesda pulled their finger out and start developing the highly demanded game.

  • Jexes23

    Bethesda Softworks is publishing this game. Bethesda Game Studios hasn’t announced the next game they’re working on. It will be Fallout 4.

  • shikamaru317

    Bethesda Softoworks is just publishing this game. Bethesda Game Studios is still working on their next game. I noted this as soon as the videos on Vine went up because Bethesda PR head Pete Hines suggested on his twitter that the game they teased on Vine was being made by another of Bethesda Softworks’ 7 studios. Chances are Bethesda Game Studios next game is Fallout 4, and Fallout composer Inon Zur has hinted at an announcement on May 15.

  • Vladimir

    It broke my heart when it wasn’t Fallout 4.

  • JoshVickers1

    They are working on it. they started early 2010. please do not ask how i know because you will not get a reply. Just like the other comments they are only publishing it. Just like they published Fallout New Vegas. they do this because people will be more tempted to buy if Bethesda at least published it. There will be a fallout 4. Bethesda did not just go to a court battle with interplay just to discontinue the fallout series.