PS4 specs and features claimed to be MIA

This year’s PlayStation meeting gave gamers plenty of PS4 news to contemplate, although there are a few bits and pieces that still have not been divulged and we are wondering whether Sony intend to reveal more details on the burning questions that are still under lock and key. From what we have heard already the PS4 looks set to be a pretty impressive console, but there are a few PS4 specs and features claimed to be missing in action.

Going by the screenshots already divulged, the interface looks like it has improved drastically compared to the PS3, but we are unsure how good this will be until we have the chance to have a hands-on experience, so more details are definitely required here. A list of missing details has been compiled and discussed on Gaming Bolt along with the fact that we are still waiting to see an image of the unit in action.

Other requests include a decent price without the issues apparent with the PS3, a proper release date other than just rumours about a December 2013 release, and confirmation about the speculation suggesting Europe will have to wait longer. As far as games are concerned, we are yet to see the full extent of how the PS4 will take advantage of the new PlayStation 4 Eye software, and even though we have seen the new controller there are questions about whether the triggers will be as good as we expect.

Other things mentioned were 4K support for games and decent backwards compatibility considering many gamers would like Sony’s Gaikai service to stock some of the more obscure and underrated games from previous systems. As we wait to hear about more titles, a vast amount of 3rd party exclusives will be needed to attract a large user base and some clarification about the used games situation would be welcomed from both Sony and Microsoft.

We understand that these features and details have not been confirmed yet, so we are inclined to regard them as missing details for the time being. These are just a few things that many gamers want clarified prior to its release giving ample opportunity to decide which platform really is worth investing in, so hopefully most of these questions will be answered at the E3 event.

When it comes to the PS4 controller would you like them to be more concave? Or are you saving your judgement until the full extent of the PS4 features have been revealed?