Proposals for Star Wars: Episode 7 plot

Fans of Star Wars may have been disheartened by the prequel trilogy but it seems the addition of J.J. Abrams could mean a fresh approach to this great franchise. With J.J. Abrams at the helm we are expecting the next set of films have more substance, and his work on the Star Trek films gives us hope that the new Star Wars movies will entice more fans, bringing back those who were disappointed with episodes one, two and three.

With Star Wars Episode 7 scheduled to come out in 2015 we are still a long way off, but this is the ideal time for fans to put forward their ideas as this could be instrumental if the powers that be take these reactions and proposals on board.

Those familiar with the story of the expanded universe have been contemplating whether any of this will be used in the upcoming films, although it has been suggested that the new trilogy may not have any relevance to the expanded story, so we are intrigued to know what is required to do these films justice.

In an article on a few fun suggestions are documented, as fans would love to see Jar-Jar Binks killed off instantly. However, we already know there is no love for this character among fans, although it seems that Darth Maul was missed, but how would they bring him back?

Other ideas come from the Force Unleashed games which mention Galen “Starkiller” Marek as the most evil Sith ever while others would like to see weirdly attractive squid head known as Aayla Secura. With the progression of modern technology the prequels had pretty good special effects, so if this new trilogy is set in the future there will be a call for more enhanced tech this time around.

Talk about Jedi Ewoks reminds us of last month’s article where we mentioned pint-sized Warwick Davis who would love to play a villain in the new film, so an Ewok that has succumbed to the darkside would be a fun idea.

The return of some old-timers giving Grandfatherly advice has been suggested with the likes of Yoda and Obi-Wan pointing the heroes in the right direction. A bit of fun with the use of the force would be ideal to break up the seriousness of Star Wars, as more humorous moments would bring some entertaining scenarios for those abusing their powers.

While most of the suggestions may seem a bit silly of far-fetched, we can’t help thinking that fans in general have some of the best ideas, which should be investigated if they want to attract a larger audience.

In a recent post we highlighted what Star Wars Episode 7 should be and spoke about the trilogy being an annual event from 2015 with one film releasing each year after. We discussed an improvisation video on the upcoming films by Patton Oswalt and mentioned a cross-over poster including the X-Men, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and Clash of the Titans.

We are sure plenty of fun suggestions and scenarios will be put forward by enthusiasts while we wait patiently for more Star Wars news, so what fun ideas do you have to start off the series with Star Wars: Episode 7?


    J.J Abrams made a very engaging star trek movie it had cool nonstop action and likable characters. I hope he does the same with star wars episode VII coming in 2015. And I hope the lovable characters of the original trilogy come back along with some good characters such as obi wan from the prequels. I can’t wait to see what J.J has in store for Star Wars Episode VII.

  • SandersdeKFC

    See… I quite taking this seriously when you called Galen Marek “the most evil Sith ever,” and you called Aayla a “weirdly attractive squid head.”

  • JoeFalcone1

    I would really like to see jacen solo as a sly shooter smuggler connected to the force. Maybe for a while he never wanted to become a jedi. Jaiana and Anakin solo are already Jedi at the time. In the books Anakin Solo is killed off. Maybe if Anakin dies in episode 7 It inspires Jacen to learn the ways of the force. Through out the series Jacen is traumatized by visions of his brothers dead. which later can lead to the transformation from Jacen Solo to Datth Caedus. Idk this is just an idea I thought would be kool lol


    I would love to see starkiller make an appearance in the new trilogy. I think for one of the stand alone star wars movies should be based off of the video game ”star wars the force unleashed”. I think that would make an awesome star wars movie.

  • Shinyboy

    I would absolutely love it if Emperor Palpatine didn’t actually die ( think about it… we never saw him die we only see him fall. If Luke can survive a fall as easily as he did, I’m pretty sure Palpatine would have been able to do exactly that as well). As well as this, it would be great if Palpatine had also secretly training people in the way of the Sith *cough* One of the Starkiller clones *cough*. It would also be amazing if we could see a rebuilt Jedi council with all new characters and these characters are trying to fend of a Sith uprising that has been planned for decades if not centuries.

    • jake4

      You guys would actually be happy if the Emperor didn’t actually die? And you bitch and cry about one scene with Jar Jar Binks and the Queen’s “boring” dresses?
      You guys are really obsessed with the original trilogy.

  • Crix

    No Jar Jar.  Even if he is killed off.  Any frame of this film that is occupied by Jar Jar is a mistake.  No one needs to know what happened to him or any of the other lackluster prequel characters.
    It would be better if this film was made without any prequel references at all.

  • Crix

    Go back to the original trilogy design aesthetic in every respect.  No boring queens walking around in 15 different elaborate gowns.  No dull sessions of the senate.  And for god sakes, film people in stormtrooper costumes rather than crap digital versions.

  • NoahLewisBrown

    keep it serious! if you make it some stupid cheesey film all of the old serious star wars fans will hate it. don’t aim it at 5 year olds and keep good original characters and follow the original lore

  • Storm Rodgers

    Look, Star Wars has a set timeline, so don’t mess with it. I have been set on the idea of the new movies being about the original trilogy character’s kids. I’ve heard older Star Wars fans say, “Don’t put Harrison, Hamill, Fisher, and all those old actors back in. They’re all too old now.” Well, I disagree with that idea. I say, put them back in. It wouldn’t be the same without them. The story shouldn’t be based around them, because they’re all old. They should have smaller parts, while the actors who play their kids get the bigger parts. The writers, producers, and J.J. should go and read the books. There already has been history written and set in stone for the timeline of Star Wars.

  • HTrevathan

    I think star wars episode VII should definently follow the original trilogy lore, and it needs to be a completely original story with the original characters as supporting characters. I dont think the story should follow the expanded universe because then it would fall into being like the prequels where we knew anakin would become darth vader, people have already read the expanded universe books and comics and they know what happens. The new trilogy should keep us guessing what will happen next, like the originals did. I dont like the idea of galen marek because that doesnt really fit into the original lore, the villain should be iconic like vader and he should be a descendent of the emperor and a badass in a space opera kinda way. Luke becomes a hermit like old ben, and he has hidden away on either dagobah or a newly created planet. The main protagonist could seek help from old luke. Leia and Han are married and han has gone back to his old ways as a smuggler, and lando could recruit him back into the republic to stop a new galactic threat. R2 and C3po should play a bigger part in this trilogy like they did in episode IV. And they should make jedi more mysterious and mystical like they were originally envisioned, and the the villains shouldnt be called sith anymore, they were destroyed, call it something different. A new kind of enemy with remnants of the legions of the old empire, give them new stormtrooper inspired armor, and dont make them cgi, make them real people in real suits. They should use real props and sets to give it a more believable feel. Special effects should be more limited but still great. But most importantly, they should make it a space opera thats entertaining, fun, an endearing story full of interesting creatures and characters and capture the spirit of the original and inspirational space opera that has captivated millions. And dont forget a climactic lightsaber duel like empire strikes back. Call it Star Wars Episode VII Descendant Of The Shadows

  • Andybotsisco

    I think they need to keep it serious, but a little light hearted. And reintroduce the Jedi to a new generation. Show the main character creating their own light saber, the Jedi trials even. I think the films should all be about the sky walker legacy. I actually like the idea of someone like Luke or his offspring going to find people with Jedi potential. An heir of the emperor is not a bad idea, but perhaps the plot could be a little more complex than the good guy bad guy. Have a team of Jedi each fighting their own battle with the dark side or light side…

  • Andybotsisco

    I think they need to keep it serious, but a little light hearted. And reintroduce the Jedi to a new generation. Show the main character creating their own light saber, the Jedi trials even. I think the films should all be about the sky walker legacy. I actually like the idea of someone like Luke or his offspring going to find people with Jedi potential. An heir of the emperor is not a bad idea, but perhaps the plot could be a little more complex than the good guy bad guy. Have a team of Jedi each fighting their own battle with the dark side or light side…

  • OriginalTrilogyLover

    I loved the original trilogy and was not impressed with episodes 1-III.  I understand that the original trilogy as well as the newer episodes are not true to life, but why is it necessary to make something so unbelievably stupid.  The original trilogy seemed to me like it could be true in a different time, but the newer episodes are totally stupid.   I hope that J.J. Abrams keeps the movies believable.  I think it would be great to have the original trilogy actors involved as, well they are Star Wars.  I have read loads of blogs and I am the only one that feels this way, but I really would love to see Darth Vader back as he is a vital part of Star Wars.  As long as J.J. Abrams follow the heart of the original trilogy it is certain to be well received.  BRING BACK DARTH VADER!!!  Sorry, I had to say it, I really want him back for the new trilogy!

  • Womprat7

    The new films should take place where the books left off. The main characters are the right age. I like the idea of making new characters the central figures and keeping the originals to smaller parts. One thing I hate in sequel movies is when they bring back dead villains. Vader is dead, Maul is dead, the Emporer is dead. Leave them dead. Create a new villain. I would love to see Admiral Daala as the main villain possibly recruiting a new Sith or a bunch of Mandalorians. So please don’t bring back dead characters. Create new ones for us to love/hate. There is so much potential in that universe.

  • GaryPrieto

    I like the idea of the books taking place after the last post-ROTJ novel. The concept/plot should be bigger than Jacen Solo going to the dark side, bigger than Grand Admiral Thrawn…bigger than any novel published that takes place after ROTJ. Since the new movie will bear the word “episode” in it, it should be bigger and have a plot that will dramatically change the galaxy…yeah…

    • GaryPrieto

      And the sith were not truly extinct during the pre-empire and post-empire eras…a tribe known as the lost tribe of the sith was stranded on an unknown planet. :)

  • JulianJustin

    maybe do somthing like it turned out yoda didnt die just went into the future to train an elite group of jedi led by Luke or Hans offspring in order to stop a whole new set of evil villans not the sith but still force sensitive

  • ThaGarbageMan

    They need to get some pointer’s of the cinematics of the video game “The Old Republic” and give the Dark Side some more light in these next movies…And I hope they don’t be to kiddish or romantic with these next three movies. And I really hope they don’t include the Skittle “Rainbow” light sabers, in which Jedi’s are fighting with the every color light saber..that is really kiddish if you ask me..keep it real, blue, green, and red is all that should be keeps the originality of Star Wars. Kids these days are more mature these days.