Watch Man of Steel movie early via advance screening

As the theme of superheroes continues, in less than two months a new Superman film will be bracing theatres worldwide, as the Man of Steel will be entering the frame that has been dominated by near enough every other superhero over the last couple of years. We understand the initial cynicism from fans who were not overly impressed with the last Superman film, but Man of Steel looks set to revive that love for the caped do-gooder from Krypton.

As part of a promotion Warner Bros. and Walmart have put their heads together to give fans the opportunity to view the Man of Steel movie a day before it actually releases on June 14, 2013. In an article on The Hollywood Reporter the early screening is discussed with tickets going on sale on May 18 in over 3,700 Walmart stores.

Those of you wanting to see the new Superman a day early can obtain tickets from Walmart stores as the company look for beneficial ways to get more customers to visit their outlets. In addition, those buying their tickets early will also be in-line for a copy of a digital comic book, with the option to pre-order the Blu-ray combo pack or digital download.

While we contemplate how the tickets will be counted we are also intrigued whether the amount of people watching the early showing will be classed as part of the opening day grosses. Do you think this looks like a decent Superman film worth seeing a day before its actual release?