PS3 firmware update 4.41 is live

Firmware update 4.41 has gone live on the PS3 providing a minor update which is said to improve system stability, although without details of what has been enhanced we are unsure what this actually does. While many gamers welcome any improvements, some would appreciate details of what has exactly been done.

According to gamer reaction there is a YouTube app on the store and comments can be seen on the official PlayStation Twitter account. Updates to enhance system stability are generally welcomed, although we understand that some gamers feel it is a waste of time when nothing of any real substance has been done.

Some may suggest that the PlayStation 3 is a system with constant updates and many are demanding an update that allows cross game chat, considering this feature will be available for the PS4. This has given gamers reason to make valid suggestions about what should other improvements should be made and one idea refers to being able to play music while browsing the PS Store to keep players entertained while they search.

Back in March we highlighted the 4.40 system update and how problems were experienced with the system freezing, games not loading properly and in some cases the update would go up to 99% and then fail. Have you had any problems with the latest firmware update? Do you have ideas on what else could be updated to improve your PS3 experience?

  • DPM1209

    Why can’t they just make it so you can listen to your music while playing a game.. That’s all I really care about. lol. System stability is always welcome but come on.. Why not add one more feature before PS4 comes out?