Some insight into GTA 5 radio

Grand Theft Auto 5 is touted as this year’s most highly anticipated game, and we have to admit we are getting very excited in the build-up to September’s GTA 5 release. While many gamers wait patiently, various leaks about this game have accumulated and information can be found on the web for those looking to find out about all the ins and outs of GTA 5.

One of the minor but loved features in this franchise is the music on offer and we have some insight into the GTA 5 radio stations available. According to an article on Gamepur, it seems music producer Flying Lotus will have his own station, and this information has been obtained by FUTUREbeats subreddit, stating that Flying Lotus has recently announced this.

Reddit user Fuzzywazzy informed GTA 5 fans that he attended the Atlanta concert for Flying Lotus and plenty of new tunes are expected with the addition of a new Captain Murphy song, which is produced by Hudson Mohawke. This has prompted Flying Lotus to reveal he is getting his own radio station on GTA 5.

Take what you will from this because the game GTA 5 wasn’t actually mentioned by Flying Lotus, as the statement made referred to “a big budget game where you get to run around with guns shooting people” and that he will have his own radio station, so what other game could he be talking about?

He also went on to reveal the game allows users to steal cars and shoot the police defining this to what many feel is GTA 5. Therefore, are you glad to hear Flying Lotus will have a GTA 5 radio station?

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    Those radio station logo’s are fakes.. so stop posting fake stuff..

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    Those logos look amazing!